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Residential Roof Replacement

The roof over our head shields and protects us from the elements of nature. When it becomes worn out from wear and tear, a Residential Roof Replacement becomes necessary to prevent further damage to the structure.

Although the estimated lifespan of a residential roof is pegged at between twenty-twenty five years, regular maintenance is required to ensure your roof stays in good shape. However, some roof malfunctions can cause irreparable damage within a short time, and when it gets to that point, the only way out is to have a roof replacement done.

The need for a residential roof replacement can arise from several reasons, let’s check them out below:

Lack Of Maintenance

One of the major reasons for needing a residential roof replacement is the lack of maintenance. Failure to fix or correct minor roof problems from the beginning is a recipe for disaster, and it makes your roof vulnerable to more damage in future. Lack of maintenance or having a poor maintenance culture is one of the major causes of roof damage.

Weathering Effects

Another major cause of roof damage is the weather. Weathering is bound to happen; it’s a natural occurrence and also inevitable. However, the speed at which your residential roofing is affected by the weather is greatly influenced by the quality of material used for your roofing and the amount of exposure. Using organic roofing materials like asphalt shingles or metal roofing will slow down the deterioration process, although the presence of air pollutants in the atmosphere can also quicken damage to your residential roof, and a roof replacement might just be the best solution.


Improper Roof Designs/Wind Damage

Most roofing materials are prone to wind damage and debris from the winds, although some of them are usually able to withstand wind speeds of between forty-five and seventy miles/hr. Winds from hurricanes and tornadoes are way too strong for roofs, and most residential roofing systems are usually affected by them. The primary reason for wind damage to roofs is the space created on the tiles as the wind blows over the edge of the roof.

However, all of these factors mentioned are made more powerful when if your residential roof was poorly designed or installed. For instance, a poorly ventilated attic can cause the shingles to cringe from heat, and the lack of proper ventilation of your roof can result to very expensive repairs which if not done on time would require a roof replacement.

Undoubtedly, there are several reasons why a residential roof replacement might be necessary, whether from improper design, lack of maintenance or weathering effects. All of this can be prevented by having regular preventive maintenance and ensuring that every minor repair is fixed on time to avoid further damage.

Maze Construction is your go-to roofing specialist for kinds of residential roof replacement jobs. Our expertise is second to none, and we apply the latest residential roof replacement techniques when working on projects. We are readily available to serve you, get in touch with us today, don’t delay.

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