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Tenant Finish Out

Sometimes, businesses or organisations might wish they had altered the designs a little differently before moving into a new space. With time, this might create problems until something is done to remedy the situation. Maybe storage rooms and locker space were not taken into consideration, or their specifications did not just fit in.

Furthermore, an increase in personnel can also necessitate the need for restructuring more space to accommodate everyone.

Irrespective of the situation you find yourself in, we are ready to sit down with you and explore different possibilities. As your go-to Tenant finish out and remodelling partner, we can offer suggestions and recommendations that will help cut the entire cost of your remodelling or fashion out a more flexible space that can adapt to your needs and changes in future.

We Pay Attention To Detail & Work According To Your Specification

Whether you’re changing the position of a single wall or performing a comprehensive building renovation, we can deliver your project with unmatched professionalism, cost-efficiency, speed and integrity.

At Maze Construction, we consistently provide quality service at pocket-friendly pricing, and our tenant finish-out services or remodelling can be as simple as applying a fresh layer of paint or adding an extra floor to a medical building.

Our Experience Counts

With several years of experience as a general commercial contractor, while successfully taking on office building renovations, tenant finish-out projects and other major remodelling projects, we have created and redefined procedures for minimizing the effect and exposure of construction and remodelling work on our clients day to day business activities.

Why Choose Us

When it comes to finishing out tenant space, Maze Construction is the contractor to call. We are the experts in commercial buildings and tenant finish outs, whether it’s a small office or new corporate headquarters. At Maze Construction., we take pride in our work and are ready to go the extra mile to earn the privilege of your business every step of the way.

It’s that easy. We can handle single floor projects up to multi-storey buildings. Whether you desire to create a space that spells permanence and success, such as might be found in an upscale law office, or modern utilitarian workspace for fortune 500 companies, or anything in between, we can provide anything you need.

Our design team can help make your vision a reality, and this is why all our clients come away from projects with satisfaction and peace of mind regarding our work.
Get in touch with us today, and find out why we are the premier contractor for tenant finish out and remodelling.