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Metal Roofing Systems

The sight of leaks coming down from a roof when it rains or snows is a very unpleasant one and can cause a lot of damage if not tackled immediately. The life expectancy of a roofing system is supposed to last several years, but if you live in perpetually wet areas, then you should be looking for a roofing system that will stand the test of time and last a little longer than what you currently have on your roof right now.

A metal roofing system might just be what you need to find a durable and long-lasting solution to your commercial roofing problems. The first thing that comes to mind when you think of a metal roofing is a grey coloured dingy roof with little or no visual appeal to the eyes. Although grey is still a popular choice in a metal roofing system, it is not the only available option out there. You can choose from a variety of colours, metals and even designs to suit your needs.

Metal roofing systems can be made from different materials such as zinc, aluminium, steel, tin, polymer and copper. Each of these metals gives a unique appearance to your building an protects it for a long time, thus saving you the hassle and additional expenses of having to replace it regularly. Another important feature of a metal roofing is that there are no tiles to break off, nor shingle to crumble. The cost of maintenance required to keep it in good shape is also minimal.

Furthermore, metal roofing can be painted to match the colour of your building. If your commercial building has an uncommon colour, you can easily talk to a metallic specialist to see about the possibility of ordering a particular colour to match that of your building.


Metal roofing systems come in different types; if you need something different from the regular flat metallic roofing system,  you might consider settling for corrugated metal roofing sheets instead. This particular roofing style has wavy ridges which add a little style to your roof as well. Panel  Shingles is another equally good option to choose from as well, this system has a shingle styled appearance, but it’s made from metal, so you get not only the benefits of a shingled roof but also the durability associated with a metal roof.

In recent times, metal roofing systems are not only designed to look like traditional roofing materials such as asphalt shingles and slate roofing but, they are made to last 2 to 3 times longer, and they offer even greater durability.  If you’re considering installing a metal roofing system on your commercial building, contracting the services of a competent firm to handle the process is vital to avoid leaks and wastage.

At Maze Construction, we are well suited to handle all types of metal roofing installations, and our pricing is tailored to suit your budget. Our experts are well trained in the latest metal roofing technologies. Get in touch with us today for commercial roof repair in Dallas, and see why we are the best in the industry.

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