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Leak Detection & Repair

Commercial Roof Leak Detection & Repair

Early Commercial Roof Leak Detection is critical when it comes to extending the life of a commercial roof. Even the smallest of leaks can cause untold damage to your entire roofing system if not given the attention it deserves.

In the United States alone, commercial roof leaks are estimated to cost businesses billions of dollars annually from damages caused by unpleasant water stains to potential life-threatening roof collapse. Commercial Roof Leak Detection & Repair is very common among commercial facilities with flat roofing systems which are prone to pooling water.

Commercial Roof Leak Repair

Early Commercial Roof Leak Detection Is Critical

Because Commercial Roofs are typically very large, with numerous roof penetrations for equipment and complex drainage systems, the failure to quickly detect and repair minor roofing problems at early stages is considered to be the biggest cause of premature roof failure. Furthermore, expensive roof repairs are usually the result of improper design implementation and or irregular application of a particular roofing system.

Finding The Source Of The Leak

Commercial Roof Leak Detection & Repair can be very tough and time-consuming. It often requires several attempts to identify and repair the leaks allowing water to penetrate the building.

Most times a Commercial Roof leak is identified as a water spot on the floor or wet ceiling tile. Marking these spots for future reference with a marker or tape is very important. However, the exact location of a leak can become very difficult to identify a few hours after the leak stops. So, the best time to find a leak is when water is still flowing. When it dries up, the stains might still remain, but following the water path when it’s still wet makes things easier.

Discovering the point at which water exits the roof system is the first step in leak detection,  and to do this, the contractor performing the inspection may need to remove ceiling tiles to find spaces above piping and duct-work. Successful leak detection requires close access to the bottom of the roof deck with sufficient light to illuminate the area.

As soon as the contractor is able to locate the water’s interior exit point, the next step is to identify the point of the leak. This can easily be determined by measuring the distance which the water travels inside the roofing system with tape or calculating paces from roof drains, exterior walls, or other roof penetrations that can be easily identified from the building’s interior and exterior.

Correctly Fixing The Problem

We all know the roof on your commercial building helps to keep water out, but when you have water passing through it into the building, it can be very annoying and creates a very unpleasant situation. Early detection is key and can save you a lot of trouble.

The key to long term preservation of your commercial building is to take quick action and utilize the expertise of Commercial Roof Repair Professionals in Dallas TX, and nobody does it better than Maze Roofing & Construction.

Our track record speaks for us, and we’ve proven to be one of the best in the industry!

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