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Roof Damage Repair

A house is never complete without its roof, and the roof of a house is its most important element. Keeping your roof in good condition is an essential part of home maintenance because a damaged roof can cause leaks which in turn could also lead to interior damage to your walls and necessitate the need for foundation repairs.

As a homeowner, whenever you notice signs of roof damage on your property, you need to act fast and have it fixed immediately to prevent further damages and expensive roof damage repair cost.

To help you understand how serious roof damage can be, let’s take a look at some of the major causes:


The weather is one of the principal causes of roof damage. For instance, strong winds can tear shingles of your roof and warp its gutters. It can also lift and remove tiles. Other climatic conditions like snow, heavy rainfall, storms, ice and lightning can also cause roof damage.

Extreme Heat

Extreme heat can cause certain roof tiles to crack. If an attic isn’t well ventilated, hot air rising from inside the home will find its way through the roof. If you’ve ever witnessed a fire outbreak on a property or close to it, then you will understand the devastating effects of heat on roofing materials.

Falling Objects

Falling objects like tree branches or hailstones are known causes of roof damage. If you spot broken tree branches close to your home, check the roof nearest to the spot where you found the branch. Search for any trace of roof damage such as scratches or gouges. Although falling objects might cause mild damages, but these so-called minor damages might just be signs of more serious issues.

It is very important to note that, when a tree branch falls off and lands on a roof, it can also cause very serious problems like structural damage to the house.

Improper Installation

Having your roof installed, restored, repaired or replaced should always be done by an expert roofing contractor. This is a very important aspect because a poorly installed roof is an open invitation for roof damage and pending disaster.

Your roof requires regular inspection, at least 2-3 times yearly. This will help curb roof damage and prevent any problem that can arise from it in future. Make sure your roof is inspected closely from the interior and exterior of your home.

If you find any indication of a leak or insulation that has been pulled apart, find an expert roof damage repair expert to fix it immediately. Maze Construction is the go-to firm for roof damage repair jobs. We are a force to reckon with in the roofing industry, and our track records speak for us.

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