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Property Preservation

Property Preservation Services

Property preservation is an important part of asset management. It ensures that the value of real estate is well preserved, and kept free from deterioration of its original physical state when a tenant vacates. It also helps to keep your property safe from destruction or being served with a citation over its condition.

Result Oriented Services

We see property preservation as a property condition required to maintain it as a marketable product. A Vacant property is subject to a number of destructive forces sure to drop the value of your asset. Our Property Preservation Team is highly trained to understand how to fully assess the risks involved with each individual property, and to execute a repair and maintenance plan that will maintain the value of our asset.

We Prioritize Clients Asset Preservation & Management

At MAZE Roofing & Construction, preserving the condition and value of your property is our top priority. We are conscious of the fact that emergencies can spring up anytime, and we are well equipped to tackle every problem as they occur. Our expertise in REO Asset Management is second to none, and we are ready to go the extra mile to ensure your property is well secured.

An integral aspect of our service is to make sure that your asset is kept in the best shape. Our specialty includes pre-foreclosure maintenance, REO sale and ensuring every agreement related to the municipal, loan, investor and regulatory guidelines are fulfilled

We place emphasis on customer satisfaction, which is why our property preservation services are tailored to meet the particular needs of our clients.

Expert Management Tips

Being your preferred management company, we also offer expert advice to our clients on when a property preservation solution or property management plan is necessary. There is a whole lot of difference between property management and property preservation; this is why you should entrust us with making that decision for you on which plan would be ideal for your property.

Successful Property Preservation through long-term relationships

Trust and integrity have been our watchword, and this is why we value relationships with all our partners. Our property preservation services success story is built on our desire and commitment to building long-term working relationships with banks, mortgage servicers and the big players in the real estate industry.

What We Offer

Our specialty is not limited; we offer a wide variety of services to our clients to ensure they don’t need to engage the services of several companies to work on one property.

Our Services include:

  Property Inspection Services

  Emergency Repairs

  Roof Repairs

  Boarding/Securing

  Pool Securing

  Mold Detection and Remediation

  Lead-Based Paint Detection and Remediation

  Clean-outs