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Storm Restoration

Storms are pretty predictable, but the volume of harm it does on your commercial building and roof cannot be predicted. However, there are certain factors which can increase or limit the extent of damage done to your roof when there is s storm. They include:


The extent of damage from the storms will intensify if your commercial roof is pretty old, and has not had a roof coating for some time.

Wind Strength /Density:

The winds strength and hail density which can sometimes measure up to the size of a golf ball can determine the extent of damage to your commercial roof.


The choice of materials used for your commercial roofs such as aluminium or other metals can react differently to storms when compared to other types of roofing materials.


The presence of trees surrounding your commercial roof can also determine the extent of damage caused. In some cases, trees can be uprooted by the sheer force at which the storm travels; this is bad news because if the uprooted tree falls on your commercial roof, it can cause a lot of damages.

Storms are of different types, such as hurricanes, blizzards, dust devils or hurricanes. However, storms all have something in common. They have very devastating effects and cause havoc far beyond man’s control. Storms are capable of destroying even the strongest roofs and can uproot the sturdiest trees.

Furthermore, they occur when you least expect, without ample time to prepare yourself and your commercial roof’s building for what’s to come.


What To Do After A Storm

If your property has been affected by a storm, the following tips can help you stay safe and free from danger before the arrival of a storm restoration firm to clean up the mess.

  • Assess The Damage

Your roof is most vulnerable to heavy winds. If broken branches or other heavy debris have been carried into your house with the winds, they can create serious havoc together with the floodwater, not forgetting potential structural damages which might arise. Look for any damage to the exterior surfaces of your house, especially the roof so when you can call the attention of a storm restoration firm to those areas to repair the damages after contacting them.

  • Quick Repairs

For most commercial building owners, the after-effects of the storm are more challenging than the storm itself. Also, a storm-ravaged building has serious side effects in the aftermath as water can set in and cause damage to the valuables and personal effects of the building’s occupants in a short time.

The logical thing for property owners to do after the storm has passed is to contract the services of a trusted storm restoration firm, and nobody does it better than Maze Construction.

We have a track record for excellence, and our expertise in storm restoration for commercial roofing makes us the go-to experts in the industry. Talk to us today, don’t delay.

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