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Wind Damage

The first thing that usually comes to mind when high winds hit is to cover yourself up, secure the windows, doors or any other openings in the house, and then go back to what you were doing. Our thoughts rarely shift to the importance of a roof in such situations or the impact of high winds on it.

Specific attention should be given to the roof when constructing a house because it not only provides cover for the building but also shields its occupants from the forces of nature.

Wind damage can be classified as any destruction from windstorms or high winds. Furthermore, high winds are so unpredictable, and this makes it extremely difficult to protect the roof from wind damage.

Impact Of Wind Damage To Your Roof

You might be puzzled about how high winds create havoc to your roof. Now, since most roofs are not flat shaped, high winds tend to have very strong impact on the corners and edge of the roof. Of all the roofing systems, shingled roofs are more vulnerable to wind damage due to its design structure.

The impact which high winds usually have on shingled roofs depends on the strength of the high wind. If it’s severe, the nails holding the shingles loosen off, leaving the shingles curled up and even tearing some of them off. Also, tree branches hanging over the roof constantly drop-dead twigs against the shingles, leaving the nails week in the process

Furthermore, high winds do have a habit of carrying debris which hit against the shingles on the roof, some of which pile up and accumulate over time. One damaged shingle can affect other parts of the roof, as the winds now have easy access to other shingles, and create more damage from within.

Protecting Your Roof From Wind Damage

Roof repair is expensive, make no mistake about that. Although, you can’t safeguard your entire roof from wind damage, but applying the following precautionary measures can help a great deal in preventing extensive wind damage to your roof:

Regular Inspections

If you reside in high winds prone areas, your roof is vulnerable to wind damage. Since the effects of high winds on roofs are not immediately visible, regular inspections are highly recommended. This will reveal the extent of damage and give you enough time to fix them before it becomes extensive.

Secured Roofing

A well-secured roof will withstand high winds for a long time. The nails used for fastening the shingles should be driven in straight, and not very deep. Also, the sealant strip holding the shingles should be free from dirt to ensure maximum adhesion. Furthermore, the roofing should be done by trained professionals using premium quality materials.

Seeking Professional Help

Engaging the services of expert roofing contractors or storm restoration expert is not an act of weakness, but taking a much safer and financially rewarding option. Attempting to fix a roof without professional knowledge is very risky, and you can end up aggravating the damage done to your roof. Roofing professionals are well trained and know the right areas to look and what to do.

When conducting roof inspections, safety should always be your top priority. Ensure you put on all kinds of protective clothing such as goggles and gloves. This is simply because roofs can be very dangerous to walk on, especially for the untrained. Anyone can slip and fall off from a wet and damaged roof.

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