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3 Signs You Need a Flat Roof Repair Dallas, TX

3 Signs You Need a Flat Roof Repair Dallas, TX

There are many pros and cons where flat roofs are concerned; however it is crucial to know when to
investigate the best Flat Roof Repair Dallas, TX has to offer. This is specifically because once an issue is
noticed it needs to be addressed immediately to deter as much damage as possible. It is no secret that
flat roofs are notorious for leaks, this is true where most sloping roofs are not as likely. Many experts
call this ‘pooling’ and it is the number one way to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that flat roof repair
is needed. Below are three more tell-tale signs that you need a flat roof repair.

Rips or Tears at the Seams

While inspecting for Flat Roof Repair Dallas, TX business owners are in one of the most crucial areas are
the seams. The seams are where the two, and sometimes more, materials meet and are joined together.
These areas are notorious for needing repairs on a regular basis because these seams can and will
experience distress on a larger scale than any other part of the roof. This is also true dependent on the
amount of care the installation team gave the seams at the time of install. A repair can be expected if
the repair is a minor one. On a larger scale the roof may need a full replacement if the seams
are beyond repair.

Troublesome Materials

A major concern where the most common Flat Roof Repair Dallas, TX businesses face is the materials
that were used for the roof itself. There are specific roofing materials that do not show wear and tear
easily at all and that can cause serious issues when searching for the troublesome area. When tar and/or
gravel are used on flat roofs it can become increasingly more difficult to locate a leak or tear. Even the
most experienced roofer can miss damage where these materials are utilized. Often, it is recommended
to replace the roofing material when it is found to be tar and/or gravel with a more workable material
such as membranes made from various other materials.

Live Growth

Organic growth and Flat Roof Repair Dallas, TX residents seek go hand in hand! Customers are often
shocked to hear that there is in fact organic growth on the roof and that it is thriving. Whether it is
simply algae or moss it can cause extensive irreparable damage and can easily force an entire roof
replacement, instead of a repair. The growth can seep through the materials on the roof and push them
up creating the cracks and leaks to be extremely troublesome. To an untrained eye one might think they
can just remove the growth from eyesight and the problem is removed as well. This is not the case as
the roots and the root cause are still present. That undergrowth will regrow, and the problem will
persist. Organic growth is an issue an expert will need to tend to, immediately.

Maze Roofing & Construction has been serving the DFW area for over a decade with their expertise
involving roofing repairs and replacements. Maze offers early commercial roof leak detection and is
happy to come inspect your property. Visit them on the web at mazerc.com or give them a call at 214-
214-6293 to schedule a walk-through appointment.

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